Connect your car...

Smart Access allows you to easily enjoy the apps you like seamlessly in your vehicle, not just as-is, but optimised for the in-vehicle environment. This contributes to safer driving even while you continue accessing important information such as navigation, weather, news, and SNS. 


All Smart Access apps are designed for optimised use with Clarion Smart Access multimedia units. Everything is in place to ensure a safe, pleasant driving experience. Furthermore, Smart Access is the key to the vehicle's connectivity. It can receive information and communicate at all times.

The Internet has become a necessity for most of us. This is also true within vehicles. Accessing this connectivity has been made safe by Clarion: not only do you carry this connectivity in your pocket, but it has been implemented and designed entirely for your car.


​In-car use of various apps originally made for smartphones:
Instant, safe access to the latest information while driving, using your smartphone's data connection.
Large screen and HMI designed for in-car use.