Clarion invents the Smart Access for an ultimate iPhone and Android smartphones in-car connectivity

Connect your car...

​ Smart Access

Imagine a tool that allows drivers to tweet, text, update their Facebook page, check tomorrow’s weather and get spoken directions to any destination… all while safely keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

Introducing Clarion’s exclusive Smart Access – the world’s most advanced cloud-based information access, analysis and sharing platform. As well as offering a wide variety of real-time services and a safe way to use apps while driving, Smart Access also boasts an adaptable architecture and always-on connectivity that makes it virtually future-proof.

The Cloud by Clarion

Smart Access has been invented by Clarion to optimise the use of a Cloud service in the car.


All Smart Access apps are designed for optimised use with Clarion Smart Access multimedia units. Everything is in place to ensure a safe, pleasant driving experience. Furthermore, Smart Access is the key to the vehicle's connectivity. It can receive information and communicate at all times.

The Internet has become a necessity for most of us. This is also true within vehicles. Accessing this connectivity has been made safe by Clarion: not only do you carry this connectivity in your pocket, but it has been implemented and designed entirely for your car.

Ergonomics and Safety

In-car use of various apps originally made for smartphones:
Instant, safe access to the latest information while driving, using your smartphone's data connection.
Large screen and HMI designed for in-car use.

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Smart Access App Compatibility with iOS 8.0

Clarion conducts careful testing of its connected products whenever smartphone manufacturers release a new phone or a new operating system version. In the case of the newly released iOS 8.0, our preliminary tests have indicated some compatibility issues with Clarion models that take advantage of our Smart Access connectivity platform. 

We recommend that all Smart Access users review this document before updating to the new iOS 8.0 operating system:

Discovered Issues

Smart Access Launcher app. update

An update of the Smart Access Launcher application is required ofr using the Intelligent VOICE function on NX504E (version 2.1.0 for iOS, version 3.1.0 for Android).
You can download it already: 
App Store, Google Play.